Joseph D. Lyons: Jill Stein Responded To Bernie Sanders’ Speech & She Doesn’t Have Nice Words For The Dems


By Joseph D. Lyons,, June 17th, 2016:

Thursday night, Bernie Sanders addressed his supporters directly, explaining how their political revolution can continue — even if he doesn’t win the White House. Now, Sanders did not officially drop out, but it’s clear that his focus has shifted from overturning superdelegates to more generally influencing the Democratic Party and American politics. “Election days come and go. But political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end,” he told supporters. One big ask he had of his revolutionaries was that they run for office, which lead Jill Stein, the other lefty who’s running, to respond on Twitter. Let’s just say she’s not a big fan of the Democrats.

But first, what did Sanders actually say? Sanders asked his supporters to consider running for office up and down the ticket, from local school boards to the U.S. Congress. He didn’t explicitly call them to run within the Democratic Party, but he did talk a lot about transforming it to allow young people in to fight special interests. What was clear was that they should be working to fight Republicans. “State and local governments make enormously important decisions and we cannot allow right-wing Republicans to increasingly control them,” he told his supporters.

Read the rest of the article here. 



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