Andy Craig for Congress: Gwen Moore and Donald Trump’s Attack on Due Process and Civil Liberties

CONTACT: Andy Craig for Congress
Friday, June 17, 2016
(870) 329-7217

Statement on Gwen Moore and Donald Trump’s Attack on Due Process and Civil Liberties

Andy Craig, Libertarian candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District, issued the following statement in response to Gwen Moore’s actions over the past few days:

“Gwen Moore has joined forces with Donald Trump to attack one of the fundamental principles of the Constitution: due process of law under the 5th Amendment. Using a tragedy to advance a cynical political stunt that undermines the Bill of Rights is shameful, and Milwaukee deserves better of its Representative.

“The No-Fly List and Terrorist Watch List are a civil liberties nightmare, with wrongful inclusions rampant, and no fair process to challenge one’s secret inclusion on this Orwellian, Kafkaesque blacklist. These secret blacklists are also heavily skewed against Muslims, Latinos, and African Americans. Gwen Moore knows that, but has chosen to grandstand anyway with fear-mongering about ‘suspected terrorists’ straight out of Karl Rove’s playbook.

“Milwaukee’s supposed progressive now stands in agreement with Trump in an attack on the civil rights of minorities and the civil liberties of us all. As the Libertarian candidate, I’m proud to side with the ACLU on this issue, in defense of due process of law and the Bill of Rights, and against the noxious alliance of authoritarians on both the right and left.

“Furthermore, as the tragedy in Orlando demonstrated, this sort of proposal would do nothing to prevent acts of terror. Omar Mateen had not only passed a background check, and wasn’t on any watch list, he had also passed a psychiatric evaluation to be licensed as an armed security guard. This shows the fatal conceit of thinking we can somehow create a standardized test for ‘bad guys’ that will predict future actions.

“Gwen Moore should instead be addressing the real causes of the gun violence that plagues her district. Milwaukee has been devastated by the failed policies of drug prohibition and mass incarceration, including the laws that fuel and fund the gang-related gun violence she claims to care about. By ignoring the real issues, Gwen Moore has shown that she prioritizes political stunts over both the interests of her constituents, and the Constitution of the United States.”


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