Draft minutes of LNC meeting in Orlando, Florida on May 30th

The following is from a June 9th, 2016 email from Libertarian National Committee (LNC) Secretary Alicia Mattson:

Any corrections for the minutes are due to me by June 23.

Please make sure that I have not erroneously listed any attendees in the absentee section.  I took attendance by looking around the room, and I do not yet know all of the new faces, so it’s quite possible I missed someone who was actually present.

For those of you new to the LNC this term, last term I started playing a brownie point game in which I award points for various things such as catching mistakes/typos in my minutes, demonstrating nuanced knowledge of our rules, amusing the Secretary, etc.  The rules and point awards will be arbitrary and subject to my whims.  To encourage the LNC to actually read the minutes, I often include a “Waldo” in the first draft of the minutes (but not EC minutes because there’s no revision cycle in that auto-approval process).  The first person to find Waldo and email me about it gets a brownie point.  What’s a Waldo?  You’ll know it when you read it.  Waldo is removed before the final version is approved.


Draft minutes below:

2016_05_30 LNC Minutes – v1


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