Candidate for Libertarian Party chair strips at convention

Jim Weeks III, who stripped during his chair nomination speech. Weeks dropped his candidacy before exiting the stage. His stunt sparked strong backlash among libertarians.

Washington Post: today:

Something you’ll never see at a Democrat or Republican convention: A candidate for Libertarian Party chair on Sunday danced and stripped down to his thong before leaving the stage amid a chorus of boos.

The large, bearded man announced immediately after his striptease, which was performed to music, that he would drop out of the race, adding, “I’m sorry, that was a dare.”

Gawker article, article



3 responses to “Candidate for Libertarian Party chair strips at convention

  1. HEY! Starchild!
    I hope you aren’t going to take this challenge sitting down!!

    On second thought, maybe you should remain seated for
    the entire performance — :>)


  2. Thane Eichenauer

    I would love to have someone contact James Weeks, II, for a post-presentation discussion on his campaign for sheriff of Livingston County, Michigan.


  3. Moses Austwin

    Read Nathan A. Norman’s PLAS Place liveblog of this occurrence. It was censored from both The PLAS Place and IPR:

    Earlier some fatass slob running for vice president started his nomination speech . . . then suddenly fag music came on . . . the candidate started girating and stripped all of his clothes off . . . he stood there naked in front of the delegates and began swinging his cock and balls in front of the whole convention and C-SPAN . . . he got booed off the stage . . . some sensible delegates asked that he be thrown out of the party . . . I saw the cyberpig enjoying the performance while he played pocket pong with himself . . . there is a serious faggotry problem in the LP . . . everywhere you look there was a faggotarian . . . Fag lover Bill Weld got the VP nomination . . . jews are not the problem , it’s the faggots . . .


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