Libertarian Party holds VP debate; votes overwhelmingly to oppose death penalty

The following is a May 28th, 2016 press release from the Libertarian Party:

ORLANDO – Last night, the Libertarian Party held a debate of vice presidential candidates at the Libertarian Nominating Convention, which included four candidates who qualified by vote of the delegates: businesswoman and trail lawyer Alicia Dearn, speaker and freedom activist William Coley, executive business consultant Larry Sharpe, and former Massachusetts governor William Weld.

After heated debate, delegates voted 364 – 105 to add a plank to the Libertarian Party platform calling for an end to the death penalty.

To qualify for the VP debate, candidates needed the support of ten percent of the 495 delegates in attendance who cast votes:

William Weld – 126 (25.5%)

Larry Sharpe – 125 (25.3%

Alicia Dearn – 89 (18.0%)

William Coley – 51 (10.3%)

Kerry Douglas McKenna – 22 (4.4%)

Mark Stewart – 20 (4.0%)

Judd Weiss – 17 (3.4%)

Derrick Grayson – 15 (3.0%)

Jeff Mortensen – 12 (2.4%)

Others – 8 (3.6%)

Candidates who received less than ten percent of the vote will still qualify to be included in nominations for vice president on Sunday if they receive at least 30 delegate votes by the time delegates select the party’s presidential nominee, which is expected to happen by late morning on Sunday.

Click here to view the debate.


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