Darrell Castle: The Constitutional Conservative Option

A link to the following was posted on Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle’s campaign Facebook page today:

Vice-Presidential Nominee Scott Bradly was recently interviewed by
the Valley Channel in Logan, Utah. Don’t miss this excellent interview!
Protect – Preserve – Defend:
There is a Constitutional Conservative Option

What better way for you to see that there is a Constitutional Conservative option in the race for the White House than for you to judge for yourself through the words of the two men the Constitution Party has chosen to represent them in 2016. Both gentlemen have been busy getting the message out and it is well worth your time to not only listen, but also to SHARE this email and SHARE their message every where you can!

CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY: Darrell addressed a large crowd of Campaign for Liberty supporters in Memphis, Tennessee this past Monday evening. Event was live streamed online through the campaign’s Facebook page and can be viewed there. His campaign message was well-received.

LIBERTY ROUNDTABLE RADIO SHOW: Darrell and Scott were both guests of host Sam Bushman on Monday. Sam is a Constitution Party member and long time activist in the fight to restore American Liberty. He also gave the campaign his official endorsement, which you can read in the Endorsement section of this newsletter. Listen to the interviews here:
Darrell’s Interview
Scott’s Interview

TO PRESERVE THE NATION WEBINARS: Scott Bradley presents a series of weekly webinars discussing the Constitution and the founding principles of America. Darrell Castle will join Scott as his campaign schedule allows. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn what America is intended to be and how a Castle/Bradley presidency can “Preserve the Nation”. These webinars are free, just sign in with your name and email address.

Webinar 1: “Unconstitutional Immigration Law Created by the President. How Executive Orders are Destroying Our Nation” (recording)
Webinar 2: “War! A Review of the Constitutional Processes the American Founding Fathers Established to Enter Unavoidable Wars”“War! A Review of the Constitutional Processes the American Founding Fathers Established to Enter Unavoidable Wars” (recording)

This Week’s Webinar will be on Tuesday, May 31st, from 7 pm to 8 pm (Mountain Time). Topic will be:
The Moral Imperative Of Liberty:
Freedom And Morality are Inextricably Interwoven. True Freedom Cannot Long be Maintained if a People Becomes Debauched. Liberty is not Licentiousness!

If you agree with what you have heard and if you really want a White House that will work To Preserve the Nation, then please DONATE TODAY so we may SHARE the message with advertising and campaign materials.
Endorsements: Sam Bushman of LibertyRoundtable.com

I, Sam Bushman, hereby officially endorse Darrell Castle President and Scott Bradley Vice President for the United States of America.

After personal discussions, knowing them both for years and my incredible, on-air radio interviews with Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, they have been found to be good, honest and wise men. Further, I am convinced their valiant leadership in the sacred cause of liberty, demonstration of complete fidelity in their personal and public lives, along with a true fundamental understanding of American principles, make them uniquely qualified for my endorsement as the next leaders of the free world.

I personally encourage all Americans to come together and join them in “A Valiant Stand” to make America free again. After all, the issue is honesty.

It’s about the company you keep. It’s about moral leadership. The status quo has got to go.

Q & A with Darrell Castle: Because You Asked

Question: Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have authorized Internet poker. Do you support their Tenth Amendment-protected rights here?

Answer: I support the limitations placed on the federal government by the U.S. Constitution, and nowhere do I find a right of the federal government to intervene in the intrastate affairs of the sovereign states. Its a matter between state government and their own citizens. If Internet gambling starts to reach into other states and involve their citizens the Commerce clause could possibly come into play.

In the News
TheBlaze.com: Constitution Party Makes Its Case for a ‘Completely Different World’

The Huffington Post: Trump, Hillary Haters Take a Hard Look at the Constitution Party


2 responses to “Darrell Castle: The Constitutional Conservative Option

  1. This is terrific Constitutional answer. 2008 CP nominee Chuck Baldwin, for whom Castle served as running mate, seemed anti-online poker. I’m glad Castle supports the rights of states.


  2. This article is a slightly more accurate assessment of Darrell Castle; indeed you can fairly consider him a ‘constitutional conservative’ and NOT a libertarian.

    If he was truly honest and a legit CP candidate though, he would be in lock-step with his party’s position on gambling.



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